My Opinion On Job Titles In A Capitalist​ Society

The other day I just had a random thought out of the blue and I wondered
why do people put so much importance on job titles? Job Titles, the very definition in my humble opinion means to place value or devalue a human being worth. Presidents, Prime ministers, CEOs, Mcdonalds Managers, Policemen, Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, and etc, etc. I think in my life I have always scared my managers because their titles don’t really register to me.

I never understood the meaning of them, in fact, the concept is ridiculous to me in every sense of the word. Somehow in this capitalist system, your title that you have says you are more important than me because I don’t have an important title. Ok, maybe I should get down and worship you omnipotent one. Sorry, I’m afraid my anger, rage, and hatred for this society as a whole won’t allow me to bend to your corrupt, immoral traditions. Your stupid concept of job titles may intimidate the dumb sheep who will obey and follow you off a bridge but it doesn’t work on a wolf.


A Glorious Dream

I woke up early morning to reports of nationwide protests in every capital in the United States. The news reports were flooded with people participating in civil disobedience everywhere. So why the certain surge in protest and sit-ins around the nation? First, the government negative policies in regards to dealing with other countries had reached a fever pitch. And there were just too many police murders that the public couldn’t take any more. After the invasion of Venezuela, their theft of oil, and murder of Nicolas Murdaro the people just had enough of over a hundred years of US meddling in South America’s affairs. The people had enough of excessive government military spending while roads around the US had potholes and some schools were run down. People had enough of the politicians in Washington committing murder around the world with no consequences. Americans had finally had enough, no more wars of aggression in their name. No more corruption, no more selling the people’s health and freedom out for the evil corporations who have almost every politician in their pocket. There were protest in front of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and Fox news for all the propaganda they had spread. The people wanted the talking heads on a chopping block for their lies for government and corporate interest. The people wanted the Democrats and the Republicans thrown out of office and put into jail for their lies, and murder against the people of the earth. I dreamed I took a Delta flight to New York from Berlin and I was so excited to join the fight and this historic revolution. And then…I awoke from my wonderful, glorious dream.

The Bakari Henderson Trial

Greece US Tourist's Killing

Ever since the young man, Bakari Henderson was brutally murdered last year in Greece I have kept my ears close to the situation. If you check my logs you will see that I wrote a piece about this young man’s fate. Ever since the trial started this year I have been keeping a close eye on the matter. I have just learned recently the trial concluded with six men convicted on assault and not murder ranging from five to fifteen years to be spent in prison–the other three were let go. These animals should have received life in prison but they didn’t. You can imagine the parents are pissed. I read an article that said the parents would discourage Americans from traveling to Greece. Yes, Europe is different than America when it comes to its justice system. You would be surprised the amount of Europeans walking the street who have murdered someone and only served ten years in prison. I have a saying, I would rather kill several people here in defending my life. If I have to serve time in prison here and then be deported back to the USA then so be it. People here in Europe will kill you and then get away with it so yes Americans should be careful here. As I told an American friend a few years back. Be careful over here because Europeans don’t fight fair, while we Americans use our hands Europeans use their feet to fight. He didn’t believe me but fortunately, my friend never had to find out. And as to Bakari’s family telling Americans to avoid Greece. I would say those filthy racist animals don’t represent Greece. I know from experience that Greek people are open and kind-hearted people that you will ever meet in Europe. Greece and its people are wonderful but I say again those inbred racists who committed this murderous act do not represent Greece.

Reformed Gangsters


You see those two photos above you? You would refer to these two groups with different colors in simple terms as blood and crip. I can’t remember if I mentioned before in a previous post that I grew up around gangs. I had cousins on one side of town who were crip and cousins on the other side of town who were blood. I remember when I was 16, I saw my cousin and friend spread out on the ground as one of their associates rob them with a pistol. I remember watching this whole event take place from my moms room        ( ducking and looking through the curtains) while my mom turned out all the lights downstairs. Good thing, nobody was hurt and the police arrived shortly after, this was in 1996. In high school, I had a friend who repeatedly tried to get me to become a blood. I thought that couldn’t happen because lived on the east side of town which was crip. And besides, I saw what was happening to people I knew who was in gangs–a lot of those people I knew were in juvenile detention or kicked out of school. At my age, I have lost friends/family and associates to violence while the white people I knew on the other side of town have experience none of those things, it’s nice to be white I supposed, right? My father and his family were in involved with gangs/mafia back (father tried to hide this)in Harlem New York City before I was born. My sister and I literally have gangster in our genes and our rage and temper demonstrate that. My life could have gone the other way but I made an effort to stay out of that shit. Even now, at my age, I know I’m capable of extreme violence which I’m aware of on a constant (temper) basis. There have been times where some of these ignorant Europeans didn’t know what they were getting into, I won’t go into specifics. I was thinking the other day, what if you could get all my gang members/brothers to start reading books on black empowerment and stop being uncle toms. What if you could get them to understand how the world/system has put roadblocks to prevent them from being a human being. What if you could get them to understand every time you murder another black person you are during the work for a white supremacist who hates them. A lot of brothers don’t have fear of anyone and can handle you without a ( boxing game on point) gun. America’s worst nightmare if my brothers would turn their life around and become police officers nationwide. If we could get our brothers to educate themselves and join the revolution that would strike fear in white supremacy. That’s why my panther brothers are still in prison after 40 years and that’s why they killed Stanley Williams–white America worst nightmare is an educated street nigga.

Jemal Roberson


Jemal Roberson was shot and killed by police outside Bar Manny’s Blue Room Lounge after police responded to a 911 call about shots fired. Jemal Roberson, a security guard had dreams of one day of becoming a police officer before the tragic events took place. The events unfolded when a group of men started making trouble and was told to leave the bar. Sometime after, the men returned and one of them had a gun and a firefight ensued. During the fight, all the men were injured but none with life-threatening injuries.

Jemal managed to pen one of the men down while he waited for help from the police. The first officer on the scene shot Jemal after seeing him with a gun and on top of (assuming he was the shooter) another person. It wasn’t until after people started yelling that he was the security guard that the officer knew he made a mistake. Jemal was a true hero that didn’t run during the altercation but stood his ground and put his life on the line to protect strangers. In all honesty, I don’t blame the officer for the murder of this young man-even though the officer was quick to shoot without giving any warning what-so-ever. Who do I blame for this murder? American white society subconscious-Social conditioning fear of the big black man coming to get them for all their grandparent’s sins of the past.

Yes, the big black man is the number one enemy of the American white person who lives in fear every day of having their house broken into. Or stealing their white collar jobs or filling the classrooms of ivy league Universities with loads of niggas. Oh yes, the big black scary nigga is coming with the intentions of stealing and raping their women. Hey, guess what? If black Americans haven’t turned the United States into Palestine (which they have a right, by the way, America should be so lucky that black people are so passive) then you don’t have anything to fear.




You Have Been A Bad Little Saudi

The other day when I was watching the news about the murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi. I thought to myself why isn’t anybody talking about the racism and domestic abuse on domestic workers in Saudi Arabia? I’m sorry about what happened to him but I didn’t see him fighting for the poor. But, since he had all those fancy titles and jobs and who he knew “important people” so that makes him worthy of international news coverage over poorer people being abused and killed. And all these leaders condemning this savage-in-your-face murder but no country is cutting ties with Saudi Arabia. Why? Because the Saudis owned those psychopaths who pretend to be appalled about this murderous act but will still continue to do business with them. All those evil racist journalists who pretend to care about press freedom but yet looked down on Julian Assange and actually support the mental abuse he is suffering from the evil English who haven’t change their spots just hid them well. I’ve said it before and I say it again! The Saudis are one of the worst out there but yet countries continue to support these evil racist bastards. I don’t believe in peace when somebody is just pure evil and that is what I think about them. When It comes to the Saudis, violence should be met with violence regardless of the situation.

The Rise Of Hate

For a few months I have been away in Stuttgart working for a new company so I was unable to write on my blog due to my odd living situation. I left the job, Stuttgart and came back to Berlin last week as this is where the try fight lies for injustice. This past Saturday and along with my brother and 250 thousand of my comrades. We put feet to the pavement to stomp out the rising tide of hate that is engulfing this country and the continent. The new AFD party is a threat to the German federal republic so we must confront this threat for our children and their children. Just yesterday in the state of Bavaria, the AFD party manage to acquire seats in the local government.



It’s Time For A Mental Health Check

Did you hear the news about the recent events in my favorite state in the EU? Well, did you hear about it or what? Ok, ready, ready, here it goes–Italy voted in two fascist parties into parliament. The Lega Nord party led by the scum criminal Matteo Salvini. Look, see photo below.  Matteo Salvini

The Lega Nord won the majority of the North and Central parts of Italy.

Then we have the scum of the earth the Five Star Movement Led by Luigi Di Maio.

Luigi Di Maio

The Five Star Movement won the majority of the south including Sicily and the island of  Sardinia.

Well, I proposed that every citizen of the Italien republic who voted for these savages have their heads check. Because, as you know,  it’s the men in Brussels and all the immigrants “flooding” Italy why everything is messed up, right? The immigrants are responsible for Italy having over 60 governments since the end of the second world war, right? It’s the immigrant’s fault why Italy can’t properly provide a stable economy for university graduates to find jobs, right? You know, those students who study their ass off for four or more years only to move back in with their parents at 30! Both parties are anti-EU and anti-German and did I say racist, too?  If president Sergio Mattarella and EU officials don’t do something to stop this clown show there will be catastrophic consequences down the road for Italy and the EU.